Project IMPALA – “Intelligent Manufacture from Powder by Advanced Laser Assimilation, aims to develop manufacturing processes based in LAM – laser additive manufacturing of metallic and ceramic powder.




Customization - Powder-based laser fusion technologies for volume manufacture of macro and micro-components with a minimum change-over time between components.


Miniaturization - Aim to go from 200-300ym to 20-50ym


Cycle-time - Turnaround time of a few hours or days compared to weeks for conventional manufacturing


This process presents significant advantages for processing complex parts in the fields of aeronautics, medical e automotive. Typical examples are dental prosthetics and turbine blades rework.



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One of the objectives of being part of the Impala project is to be aware of technologies that we can use or integrate in equipments for our customers, presenting new market opportunities.


Micronorma participates in Impala project as an End User, and throughout the project developed and manufactured many parts and solutions for the partners within the consortium, related to LAM – Laser Additive Manufacturing.


Micronorma is also responsible for the Exploitation and Dissemination of the project, where has the task of collecting and communicate information from the consortium.


The project consortium has 16 partners from 7 different countries, joining together credited academic institutions, companies and RTO’s that aim to develop processes and equipments that help improve LAM.


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Duration of the project: September 2008 to August 2012







The Project was funded from the European Community´s Seventh Framework Programme FP7 2007-2013 under grant agreement CP-TP 214380-2