Micronorma is an industrial company with more than 20 years of experience, that manufactures precision components and metal sets and industrial equipment.
We research, develop and supply customer tailored turnkey solutions in mechanical engineering, automation and metalworking products,
We are committed to assure our customers a quality service based on trust, thoroughness and accuracy.
We are always working to continuously improving our products and processes.
The company started as a local supplier and grew to become a specialized company with long lived relations with major international companies.
We are certified by BVC – Bureau Veritas Certification according ISO 9001 standard since 2000 and NP 4457 (Research, Development and Innovation Management) since 2011.

We rely on a team work with elevated know-how, in which we provide continuing training in several areas, from conception and fabrication, to industrial systems and technological areas of production and quality and R&DI management.
Strategically aiming towards innovation and quality culture we intent to reach new markets offering more and more complex products.