Quality System and RDI

“We evaluate the quality of what we build in a simple and systematic fashion,

today better that yesterday, but not as perfect as we’ll do tomorrow”


Micronorma is accredited by ISO9001 – Quality Management System, since 2000 and by NP 4457 - Research, Development and Innovation Management, since 2011, we uphold our commitment in providing our clients and partners the guarantee of satisfaction, quality and honesty in all our services.
The accreditation ISO9001 of our Quality Management System is applied to activities of processes, metalworking produtcs, development, production and trading of specific machinery, mass production of tooling equipment, moulds for the plastic industry, tools and spare parts for the harness industry.
The accreditation NP4457 Research, Development and Innovation Management (RDI) is applied to activities of Product Design and Development, especially regarding industrial equipment.
The introduction of this management system provided us tools to:
- Managing interfaces and knowledge production.
- Managing conception and innovation opportunities.
- Planning and managing RDI projects.
- Risk management.


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