3D print, SLA, formlabs, design and development

November 2016

Micronorma on ADDISPACE project

The Interreg Sudoe Addispace project kick-off meeting was on 3th November.
Micronorma is taking part in this import project which aims to promote additive manufacturing (AM) technologies.
3D print, SLA, formlabs, design and development

July 2015

Micronorma acquires new 3D printer

In pursuit of innovative solutions as a strategic standpoint, Micronorma has focused on providing an integrated 3D printing service in the design and product development context.
After doing some market research and acknowledge that there are several types of 3D printing machines and technologies, it was selected a SLA technology type machine – “Form 1+” from Formlabs company.


FCT Faculdade de Ciências e Tecnologias

September 2014

Micronorma hosts student intern

Last February Micronorma hosted a student from Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Faculty of Science and Technology (UNL-FCT) for a short term curricular internship, following the policy of cooperation with Portuguese Universities and other institutions belonging to the Portuguese Scientific and Technology System (SCTN). 


3D print, FDM additie manufacturing,makerbot

April 2014

Micronorma does 3D Printing!

Following our strategy to be a benchmark in creating innovative solutions, we now offer a 3D printing service integrated within our product design and development services.


August 2013

Micronorma is studied by students of NSBE at the level of operations.

Micronorma formulated a protocol for the development of a case study conducted by students of the Nova School of Business & Economics. Given the notoriety in the sector in which operates, Micronorma was selected to be a case study by students of the Nova School of Business & Economics.

July 2013

Micronorma helps your entrepreneur projects.

If you have an entrepreneurial idea, but need guidance to achieve it, contact Micronorma! Micronorma is collaborating with IAPMEI in the Passport to Entrepreneurship initiative, voluntarily assisting young entrepreneurs in mentoring role.


May 2013

Micronorma is now a registered trademark.

Following our strategy and the focus on our image renewal, we registered the Micronorma trademark.



June 2012

Micronorma was present in International Fair - INDUSTRIAL TECNOLOGIES 2012.

Micronorma was present  in the Industrial Technologies Fair 2012 in Aarhus, Denmark, representing the Consortium of the Impala Project - “Intelligent Manufacture from Powder by Advanced Laser Assimilation”. 


July 2012

Micronorma renews its identity and corporate image.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to communicate more and better. Micronorma sought to strengthen its corporate image and strengthen its position by investing not only in changing graphic of your logo, but also in their way of communicating with customers, suppliers and employees. 



June 2011
Micronorma invests in training their assets

With the objective of promoting knowledge and know-how of the company, Micronorma participated in "Training Initiative for Entrepreneurs". A program lasting 8 months aiming to increase and develop skills of entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium enterprises by conducting training and counseling.


NP 4457

September 2011

Micronorma receives certification in Innovation Standard.

Micronorma reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative industrial solutions with the potential to obtain the Certification of Management System Research, Development and Innovation (MSRDI) under NP 4457, recognized by BVC - Bureau Veritas Certification.



September 2010

Micronorma contributes to emerging technology.

Strong investment in R&D, bet on highly motivated employees and observance of quality standards, ISO 9001 and RDI NP 4457, are the guidelines Micronorma to achieve its goal of developing innovative equipment, new products and technologies.