Magnetic Tube Joint
Magnetic Tube Joint

The MTJ - "Magnetic Tube Joint" is a research project developed by Micronorma, in partnership with Tecnisata and Instituto Superior Técnico. It consists in the development of equipment for industrializing the joining of tubular components by means of electromagnetic plastic deformation. The goal is to build an equipment that allows for the industrialization of the process.

During the project we developed a fully functional prototype based on this technology called Power Forming 2000 (PF2000).


This process eliminates the current need to join tubular components by means of tools and conventional processes, such as welding and mechanical interlocks, with significant advantages over conventional joining technologies. By not involve direct or indirect contact with the components to be connected, this union does not create heat affected zones which ensure high levels of energy efficiency and repeatability in the production line. It's a clean and environmentally friendly technology that eliminates wastages and optimizes the natural resources.
In short:


  • Environmentally Friendly Technology - Eliminates tools, filler materials, filler material, gas protection and lubricants;
  • Technology with high energy efficiency - Energy consumption of plastic deformation below the electromagnetic energy of the union of conventional metal components;
  • New Type of equipment - Ability to produce high-tech industrial equipment at a very competitive final price;
  • New Types of Union - Improved overall performance of joints, less corrosion or tightness of connections issues;
  • Aesthetics - No need for welding, gluing, threading and no need for post processing (cleaning, polishing, etc.);
  • Suitable for industrial application - High repeatability and short production cycles, eliminating setup times of the materials to be joined (cleaning, application of lubricants, etc.).

Industrial Applications:


  • Unions in tubular structures and components designed to transport vehicles;
  • Unions tubular structures designed to roofs of commercial buildings or housing;
  • Unions and crimping of metal tubing with mandrel for engineering and bio-engineering applications.

Given the research carried out and the potential of this technology, in addition to tubular joints, another type of deformations was addressed, such as stamping (magnetic die and magnetic press) and the deflection of plates.
Below are presented videos that demonstrate the potential of this equipment:





Duration of the project:  February 2010 to June 2013





Project Nr 5486