Company Values
Company Values


Honor and Loyalty

Establish solid and durable relations with our personnel, customers and suppliers, based in honesty, trustworthiness and competency.

We protect all information and intellectual property exchanged with our clients, suppliers and partners.



We develop and manufacture solutions, regarding metalworking products and industrial equipment, to amaze the market using methods and processes based in advanced technologies, creating wealth that benefits our company and our society.

Focus on the customer

Our clients’ needs come first.

Our success is entirely dependent on our customers own success.



We uphold the commercial compromises agreed, promoting solutions that are both sustainable and lawful.


Health and Safety

We internally promote methods and actions that bring a high standard of work conditions, the health and safety of our collaborators, as well as aiming to promote efficiency and productivity in our processes.



We promote quality thru the use of qualified resources, tools and technologies, thru methods and procedures that enable better process control. And thru commitment and dedication to the SGQ quality management system.



Promote and participate in collaborative RDI (Research, Development and Innovation) projects, targeting future trends in processes and technologies, aiming to forecast future added value markets.



Promote a pleasuring work environment that allows for professional growth, maturity and cooperation, creativity and innovation, and drive their work activities.