Conventional Turning
Conventional Turning

Turning machining is similar to milling machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses a non-rotary cutting tool to remove material. The tool moves on a path parallel to the workpiece spinning axis. This process is used mostly on parts that are symmetrical about an axis of revolution.
As a qualified CNC contract manufacturer Micronorma takes pride on having the most experienced skillfully employees that can produced difficult intricate parts with great precision and reliability in a large range of materials from aluminum, steel, non-ferrous steel, brass and even titanium.
In addition to our machining equipment capabilities (milling, drilling, boring, polishing, turning and threading), we offer CAD design services, CAM programming services, assure high standard quality and all subsequent processes:
· Heat treatment
· Surface finishing
· Laser labelling

Micronorma provide CNC turned parts worldwide for:
· Automotive sector;
· Aeronautic sector;
· Manufacturing industries;
· Other machine builders.

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