Micronorma hosts student intern
Micronorma has an established policy of cooperation with Portuguese Universities and other institutions belonging to the Portuguese Scientific and Technology System (SCTN) by offering students internships to provide them with real world experience.
In line with this policy, last February Micronorma hosted a student from Universidade Nova de Lisboa’s Faculty of Science and Technology (UNL-FCT) for a short term curricular internship.
With the introduction of a new curriculum in 2012, UNL-FCT set a course named Introduction to Professional Practice Program (PIPP), an inter-semester course aiming to provide this faculty’s under-graduate students an introduction into their chosen field of study’s professional work environment.
António Soares, a 3rd year student in the Integrated Master’s in Mechanical Engineering program, was hosted as an intern at Micronorma not only due to his field of study but also his previous work experience in audio-visual communications and his personal interest in additive manufacturing technology.
The student was delegated the following tasks:
  • Video and photo capture for development of audio-visual content;
  • Visual and graphic production assistance;
  • Support in testing Micronorma’s 3D printing services;
This student’s previous professional experience allowed him to interact with all of the company’s staff, thus providing him with an enriching experience related to his current field of study, which would not be possible under normal circumstances for such a short lasting internship.
Through his personal interest in 3D printing technology the student also had the opportunity to acquire professional experience with this emerging technology as well as contribute with some of his own knowledge in helping to promote Micronorma’s new service.