Parts and Components by Application

Micronorma is highly experienced working with some areas of expertise, namely the electrical wiring and harness sector, producing anvil crimpers, punches and several cutting tools, as all kinds of spare parts for machines and tools. We also have a lot of know-how producing calibers, polishing devices and moulds for several industry sectors, including the automotive, aeronautic and luxury industry sectors. 

Anvil Crimpers and Punches

precision mechanics, metalic components, anvil crimpers and punches for harness industry, crimping tools

Cutting Tools

cutting tools, mechanical components, spare parts for machines and tools

Mechanical Sets

Mechanical sets, mechanical asseblies


Polishing Devices

precision mechanics, metallic components, polishing devices, parts and components for industry

Parts, Components and Assemblies for Machines and Tools

mechanical parts and components for industry, spare parts for machines and tools