Micronorma helps your entrepreneur projects.
July 2013

If you have an entrepreneurial idea, but need guidance to achieve it, contact Micronorma! Micronorma is collaborating with IAPMEI in the Passport to Entrepreneurship initiative, voluntarily assisting young entrepreneurs in mentoring role.

The initiative Passport to Entrepreneurship is inserted under the Impulso Jovem, a government initiative managed by IAPMEI. This program aims to encourage young entrepreneurs to develop their innovative and entrepreneur projects by putting at disposal a set of technical and financial tools.
The role of Micronorma thru the CEO Pedro Faria, is to voluntary help young entrepreneurs through the creation of a mentoring relationship to support their projects, contributing with the experience of many years monitoring the development of projects and ideas to target markets, as well as to conceive and plan the process that allows these accomplishments. The contribution, sharing expertise and guidance of the individual is done within Micronorma’s activity.
It was in this sense that Pedro Faria was invited to join the group of mentors from the National Network of Mentors of this program. This is a network of experienced professionals in business management and who agreed voluntarily to support entrepreneurs in developing their ideas and business projects.
The support provided are:
  • Scholarship for the project development team – in a monthly payment of 691.70 euros per promoter, for a minimum period of 4 months and a maximum of 12 months, with an interim evaluation at the end of an initial period of 4 months;
  • Mentoring - access to a network of mentors who provide guidance to entrepreneurs (which includes Micronorma);
  • Technical Assistance - access to technical assistance in the project development of the business.
The initiative is aimed at young people who meet the following requirements:
  • Up to 30 years and licensed for less than three years;
  • Up to 30 years, holders of bachelor, master or doctorate, and registered at the job for more than four months;
  • Up to 34 years and holders of master's or doctorate.
Three new openings for applications are coming up, starting on 15th June, 15th September and 15th November 2013.

If you have an entrepreneur project which is still in the idea phase, innovative, with growth potential and respond to a market need, contact directly Micronorma (micronorma@micronorma.com) or fill in an application form in the website of the initiative.
For more information consult the regulation.