Micronorma is now a registered trademark.
May 2013

Following our strategy and the recent focus on our image renewal, we registered the Micronorma trademark.

This initiative follows the recent renovation of the Micronorma image, in order to better reflect our work philosophy, our values ​​and our strategy of product design innovation. With this registry, we intend to protect the brand and monitor the exclusive right of endorsement.

The administrative process opened at the INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property) was approved in January 2013. The trademark was registered as Mixed type (word and figurative elements). Therefore, our logo now includes the trademark "®" in the upper right corner, and the brand name should be followed by the words "Marca Registada" (i.e. Trademark), "MR" (TM) or "®".

The official document can be viewed here (PT only). The Industrial Property Bulletin No. 20/2013 (Page 53), was published on 29/01/2013, granting us the legal exclusive rights for usage the Micronorma trademark.

The new logo with reference to the trademark is available here. The rules of usage are specified in our Brand Standards Manual (here).