CNC & Conventional Milling
CNC & Conventional Milling

Milling machining is a subtractive manufacturing process that uses rotating cutting tools to remove material in order to achieve the required geometry shape.
With our modern machine park and very well-trained employees we established as a qualified CNC contract manufacturer (aluminum, steel, non-ferrous steel, plastics) in various branches.
We manufacture prototypes or small series and from very small (only a few millimeters) to big dimensions (1450 x 700 x 550mm and up to 2,000kg).

In addition to milling equipment capabilities (drilling, boring, polishing, turning and threading), we offer CAD design services, CAM programming services, assure high standard quality and all subsequent processes:
· Heat treatment
· Surface finishing
· Laser labelling

Micronorma provide CNC milling parts worldwide for:
· Automotive sector;
· Aeronautic sector;
· Manufacturing industries;
· Other machine builders;

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Conventional Turning