Micronorma receives certification in RDI
September, 2011
Micronorma, S.A.
Micronorma reaffirms its commitment to delivering innovative industrial solutions with the potential to obtain the Certification of Management System Research, Development and Innovation (MSRDI) under NP 4457, recognized by BVC - Bureau Veritas Certification. 

The certification was the result of investments in RDI (Research, Development and Innovation), the strong focus on technology-intensive products and extensive involvement of their technical in the development solutions to create added value. Allowed to introduce new working methods and tools that contribute to an improvement in company performance, in particular as regards the development of RDI activities in a more effective manner. "

Included as newer RDI projects with external interface, the IMPALA - "Intelligent Manufacture from Powder by Advanced Laser Assimilation" and MTJ - "Magnetic Tube Joint".

The Management System of Research, Development and Innovation (MSRDI) includes the activities of research and development of industrial equipment for the development of the product.

Micronorma is also certified since 2000 Quality Management System under ISO 9001. This certification refers to activities of processes and products, designing, production and marketing of specific machines, tools of mass production molds for the plastics industry, segments and tools for the production of wire harnesses.