Micronorma renews its identity and corporate image.
July, 2012
Micronorma, S.A.

Micronorma marked its 20 years of presence in the market with the renewal of their identity and corporate image.

In an increasingly competitive market, it is essential to communicate more and better. Micronorma sought to strengthen its corporate image and strengthen its position by investing not only in changing graphic of your logo, but also in their way of communicating with customers, suppliers and employees. This change was based primarily on their values ​​and strategy of Product Innovation.

The new logo, intended to emphasize the values ​​of the brand, whose square geometry, represents the precision and rationality with which Micronorma working on the development and manufacture of parts and industrial equipment.

The symbol is made up of small squares that fit perfectly. The upper right square is slightly away because we want to highlight the idea that, in addition to the company's business as a supplier of solutions in the areas of engineering and metalworking precision, it is "out of the box" to make way for Innovation area.

The Micronorma want to go further that it do today, looking  for innovative processes and products in order to surprise the market. The name Micronorma, was built with a flexible typography and a simple and robust design, keeping its original color, blue, with the aim of keeping "alive" the company's history.

Apart from this, "born" the brand's signature - "DEVELOPING PRECISION FOR THE FUTURE", a way to further strengthen its image, strengthening its basic values - accuracy, today and in the future. The choice of language Anglo-Saxon came towards emphasizing the international character of the company.

Also invested in internal marketing tools with the goal of promoting the participation of its employees in the company's activity and has adapted to the new communication trends, seeking an online presence getting stronger, since the site, is in some cases, the only contact point between Micronorma and their clients, who are spread across several countries in Europe, America, Africa and Asia.

The purpose of this type of investment platforms is, beyond the customer proximity, show concern Micronorma to adapt to the latest trends in the market and get results increasingly clear and measurable.

Micronorma intends to demonstrate its concern instill innovation in all areas of the company and pass a  image of a brand, simple, innovative, international technology and a brand that customers and partners can trust because it ensures the quality, accuracy and precision throughout its supply.